We began taking reservations on November 1st at 8am for those booking more than 1 cabin or any cabin for 5 or more days. Booking for any cabin began November 15th at 8am. Due to the uncertainty with the water situation, we will not charge a down payment as usual but will charge the full amount 7 days before arrival. This will give you time to see if we will have the water fixed before you arrive and a chance to cancel if not. If the water won’t be fixed before you arrive, you are still welcome to come–just bring your own water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and flushing. There will be portable toilets as well if you’d rather use them. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

TIP: Reservations fill up fast and it may be hard to find an open slot. To find open slots more easily, choose a date you are shooting for and click the link below the calendar to view detailed availability. You will then see a chart that looks more like a calendar with red and green blocks with check marks and X’s indicating available dates. You may also call during work hours and we can help you over the phone to find open dates.