(The Resort reserves cabin lodging ONLY but also provides public hospitality, information, and recreation services/support to all campers and visitors in the area).

The Roosevelt/Duchesne Ranger District of the Ashley National Forest currently manages two fee-camping areas at Moon Lake. These US Forest Service campgrounds sit on either side of Moon Lake Resort. A 54-site campground (32 reservable, 22 first-come, first-served sites) is adjacent to our west and a large-group area comprised of two reservable sites is adjacent to our east. These campgrounds provide flush toilet, pit-toilet, and cold-water access, but currently have NO public showers, nor any individual-site electrical hookups or water taps. Information on these campgrounds is available by calling the Ranger District offices at (435)-738-2482 in Duchesne.

Campground reservation service is available at the National Recreation Reservation System (NRRS) by calling 1-877-444-6777 or via the Internet at

NOTE: Many people have reported to us that they find the NRRS reservation website (and even phone) reservation system to be confusing and less than sufficiently informativeHere’s a few tips and suggestions that may help you:

  1. View OUR numbered “Campground Site Map” and our “Cabin Site Map with Campground” below. (We feel these maps give a decent perspective in locating sites and areas nearby).
  2. Use this direct link for the 54 Single Site Campground (listed as MoonLake (UT) in the NRRS system):
  3. Use this direct link for the Group (A & B Sites) Campground (listed as Moon Lake Campground (UT) in the NRRS system):
  4. If you prefer to PHONE for reservations, make sure you SPECIFY to the agent which campground you are calling about (EITHER single-sites – “MoonLake” or group – “Moon Lake Campground” as they are listed above in the NRRS System). We suggest the first question you ask the agent is, “Does your information include only 2 large group sites, or does it show 54 individual sites?” The agent’s response will tell you whether they are looking at the right campground or not.
  5. Moon Lake Resort cannot vouch for the accuracy of information on the website or reservation system. We can only vouch for the information on our website that you are currently viewing

Camping in tents or trailers is PROHIBITED on the Moon Lake Resort property (See Resort Policies).

Campground Maps

Campground Site Map
Cabin Site Map with Campground